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By the time she finishes a two hour show, I'm exhausted.  I do not like her fashion presentations and think she doesn't enjoy doing them, which is why she rushes through them.  She does better on other merchandise.

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I enjoy watching Rachael and Kim G. during the fashion presentations.  They have chemistry and they are fun together.  Rachael looks good in everything she wears.


I'm not interested in food shows, so I've never seen her present foods.


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I have always been team Rachel❤, and think she does a GREAT job with ANYTHING she presents! I perceive her "rushing" as enthusiasm, and happen to enjoy it!👍 I think she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL❤ with gorgeous skIin!🥰


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I don't care for Rachel as a host. She comes across as very insincere and phony.
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I don't watch her and got tired of hearing her say "right here in this moment" She must have been trained by Rick.  He is always saying "right here and right now". I can't watch him either.  He is too hyper for my taste.   

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Rachael is ridiculous.  Almost robotic like.  "How much information can I give out in one sentence as fast as I can".  I cannot watch her anymore.  Overload really.  Never a relaxing shopping experience.  I get heart palpatations just listening to her.

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@nelc wrote:
I agree she can talk fast and I feel she rushes through the presentation. I once saw a sketchers show where she sounded like an auctioneer.
I don’t watch her much.

She ALWAYS sounds like an auctioneer.   She talks LOUD and FAST and simply MUST mention personal information whenever she can whether it is remotely connected to the item being presented or not.   I am NOT interested in her vacation destinations or activities or her childhood, etc.  And the spastic, meaningless hand motions are distracting and not needed.   The pointing is not needed if you are verbally describing an item.   It is rude.   The camera is already aimed at the item!!   If she wants to direct, then work behind the scenes,   Like fingernails on a chalkboard.   

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While I agree Rachael does speed along during her presentations, it doesn't bother me.  I would rather see a quick presentation than one that is slow as molasses and filled with nonsense and silliness.  There are hosts who I do not watch and those who I can tolerate.  I think we all have our opinions on hosts and who we like and do not like.  But as I have said, they are salespeople, not friends or family and their jobs are to sell, sell, sell.  Some do it better than others.

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She does seem to speed through her presentations.  I can watch her over a couple other hosts.  But when she's with Kim, she gets on my nerves.  Always get the feeling she is trying to be as funny as Kim, more or less competing with her, and it doesn't work.  Overall, she's ok.