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I was watching Jim Shore, last week on FB. He hinted that it will be soon that they will actually be back in the studio along side the show hosts.  We'll see what happens.

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The sets are awful!  Pink cabinets, orange floors, ugly rugs...a few sets remain that look good but most are a mixture of things that do not coordinate and look like a decorator mistake.  Vendors add almost nothing because colors are off, sound terrible, and mostly a repeat of what a host says...if the vendor gets in two cents worth.  Maybe try vendors and no hosts!  We do not need both.

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When qvc finally has brand reps back on the set, I would rather they don't start the fake kissing again. It's so idiotic & unprofessional. You can be friendly without adding the kissy stuff.

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As others have mentioned, people have been complaining/inquiring about the lack of in-studio guests for a while now.  Personally, I would like to see them back in the studio as well.  While others aren't bothered by them not being there, I feel they actually do add to the presentations.


The quality of presentations are lacking when vendors are not there.  The lighting, visuals, and audio aren't that great.  My other big problem is the fact that sometimes the vendor has all of the samples at home and the QVC host only has one in the studio.  It's very difficult to make a decision on things sometimes when you can't see the vendors samples clearly.  We aren't able to see close-ups (unless they walk up to the camera) or a true color picture when they are at home. 


That being said, I know everyone is doing the best that they can.  It hasn't stopped me from buying, but it can be frustrating.  I do hope they come back to the studio, but I'm not hopeful.  Only time will tell at this point.



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I feel every word you stated...YES  I feel the same.  The world turned upside down and though no fault of Covid changes necessar at QVC,,,,They made too many changes that didn't need be.  Whatever the case...They better get their act together.    Macy' has a lot of petites too and sending back is no charge,.....By the way get those models back we miss so much..

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I've read Facebook postings from several product representatives indicating that return to studio may never occur for most of them.  It could be a rare, occasional event.


Josie sold her Pennsylvania farm during the shutdown and doesn't need to commute from her St. Barts location.

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I prefer people stay healthy and don't spread covid/variant to a health-compromised person, or to anyone.


I can't imagine caring about sets, vendors on stage, skyping, hosts, etc. 



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I find the new set designs very distracting. For instance, on this mornings AM Style, Lean was presenting a handbag. They had the handbags displayed on the back of what appears to be a "booth" in a coffee shop. I had to laugh out loud because Leah couldn't figure out whether to sit down with the handbags behind her or stand behind the booth. SMH. The person who designed this set really made a mess of the presentation. I also noted that Leah and other hosts are constantly asking for set directions because they can't figure out how to maneuver on the new sets. And finally, I am not fond of the color schemes of the sets at all.
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I also can't figure out why someone saw the need to have several bathtubs in front of which models pose and presentations take place.

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Just this past Friday, during David Venable's Coffee Talk Live video he has on Instagram, someone once again asked him about vendors coming back into the studio.   


David said it was highly unlikely that they were coming back any time soon.  He said a lot of the QVC staff isn't even back in the studio, and he could not imagine vendors coming back before employees.