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So, I am shopping online for a reason.  If I constantly have to navigate the pop-ups and now the QVC Live box, online is simply not worth my time. I spend more effort trying to navigate the pop-ups than actually find the products that I want.  

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Couldn't agree more.  Annoying!  I don't care how many shoppers have something in their cart!  

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Download an "ad blocker" and also set up your browsers to block ads.


Ad Block Plus is the top ad blocker - FREE.  There are others, research them.


Browser(s) ad blocker option is done through its Preferences/Settings.  Those add-ons/extensions are also FREE.

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@Mz iMac 


Absolutely! I use AdBlock+ for FREE and I never, ever get ads or pop-ups on QVC or any other website I visit!


And it is so easy to do, just go the AdBlock+ website, choose which device/browser you want to download it to, click on that one and Bam!, it's done.


If you google it, you'll see that it's one of the highest rated ad blockers there is and DH is a computer engineer for the federal government.

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Thank you!

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Thank you!
How nice. No pop ups!
This is a great day!
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I hate the pop ups. They are annoying. They are like pushy sales people. “Going. Going. Going.” Please stop. They certainly would not motivate me to buy. Focus on providing good and variety products and you then not need to be a pushy salesman.
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Thank you for the info on Adblock plus! I wasn't able to get a version for my iPad from the website (it said the safari version was not compatible?) but I found a compatible version in the AppStore. Installed it and no pop ups when browsing! GREAT!

here's a pic of what I found in iPad AppStore: