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Re: QVC Could Learn From Re: Shipping & Returns

@steviebThat's true -  whatever is causing this year's mess, it's an astounding disaster.


I haven't been personally affected, but certainly seeing the issue show up over and over here, has had an effect.  Made it easier to hold to my 2019 NY Resolution which was to slow down my purchasing and make a consistent effort to end the year with less than I had in January -  I know I've done that.  Bought way less this year than during the last several.


With essentially 2 weeks until 2020, what's the Resolution?   Same one.  Progress, yes.  Crossed the finished line -  not yet.

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Re: QVC Could Learn From Re: Shipping & Returns

@stevieb wrote:

@millieshops wrote:

@handygalOr Zappos could learn from QVC how do add TV to their offerings -  with models and designers of their clothing, shoes, etc.?


Can they figure how how to do all that and still offer their generous shipping and return?  


Can we get both from one business?  I don't have that answer.


BTW-  I might never have heard of Zappos were it not for QVC!   Only because they pay to run this Forum and let us mention competing companies do I know about them.





There's really no need for Zappos to run TV spots with models and, you know, everything... Because if you get an item (and we're talking name brand items...) home and don't like it, you haven't paid to have it shipped to you or to ship it back... You just return it... And you have a year to do it... Oh, and incidentally, go take a look at Zappos, because it's all about shoes, among many other things... Pretty clearly, offering the TV spots, you know, with models and lots of house brand 'designers' and all that hasn't exactly diminished the shipping, return or customer service issues... One poster recently noted being on the phone with CS and being told there were 600 callers on hold waiting to talk to a representative... Maybe they should hire fewer screeching hosts and hire a few more operators... Just sayin'...


Contrary to what some would like to believe, and would like to have us all believe, all is not beautiful in Qville...

And when the models and hosts mostly squeeze into garments that are too small, and weave ridiculous stories, what actual help are they ?

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Re: QVC Could Learn From Re: Shipping & Returns

Ditto about Zappos.  I have order several times from them  Their customer service and shipping are OUTSTANDING.