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Seems like QVC is now just clothes, clothes, clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes, bags, bags, bags and food, food, food!!! Bring back older programming that had a mix of clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry (gold, diamonique, etc...household items (mix of kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom).
Newer hosts are loud and a lot of times talk-over guests and co-hosts.
I just like the older format was not just was informative, interesting and entertaining! What happened to cooking shows with David, other hosts and guest cooks and chefs.
What happened to all the gold, diamonique, diamonds, gems, etc...)
I find it difficult to sit, relax and enjoy the programs like I used to!
Go back some to your old programming format.
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They have a variety of items ... not just fashion.

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@nonicknamehere Where have you been.  QVC does have all the programs/items you mentioned that were missing.  They are all still on QVC

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Like most years....Aug and Sept they introduce fall Nov and Dec and Jan there are very few fashion shows........then it is make up, shoes, cooking items (holidays geared)beds, vacs, etc.    In Jan/Fed  diet and exercise equipment is big, by March clothes again....has always been the same

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@nonicknamehere    Oh boy, I wish they had mattresses and vacuum cleaners every day!  They offer what sells based on the history of their merchandise.  Jewelry sales have been in the pits for several years.  The younger generation isn't much interested in jewelry; the older ones usually have all they need. I'm guessing right now, people are more worried about buying food, gas and paying increased rents than buying gold and silver


QVC has the experts and know what they're doing.

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yes same products over and over 

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Havent seen Keruig in a long time  Hello?????