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For many years online shopping has changed  my world.  It's always best to compare and see where you can get the best price for your money.  Easy pay is not  a reason to overpay anymore either, everyone offers it.

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Boy, you people are brutal!  Thank goodness QVC isn't the only place to shop.  I do shop other places and will continue to do so.  I was just stating my opinion, but I guess now days that isn't allowed!  Too much "cancel culture"!

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This is a Forum, which would indicate "back and forth discussions" between people. In this case, yes it is the customers. Fyi. 😉

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Clothing prices on QVC are ridiculously out of sight.  Kim Gravel, Susan Graver, Quacker Factory just to name a few.   Demin and Co used to be reasonably priced, but now those prices are right up there with the other designers.  $50 and up for a simple top?  Are you kidding me?  Plus shipping!  


No thanks!  I'll shop elsewhere.



I agree. I can find everything Q sells somewhere else for less money. Promo codes. Free shipping. Free returns. Better sale prices. And the list goes on.


And who knows, I might buy more if hosts behaved like professional adults.



NOT always @CalminHeart 


I have found Q lower MANY times..


I wanted the set of Orgreenic pans.  QVC, WITH shipping was the EXACT same price as Amz AND Wally.


Free shipping the other day got the set to me $10.50 less than both those sites.


This isn't the only time I have found Q to be less.


Gotta comparison shop....but I disagree with your statement everything is cheaper elsewhere.


You can not get the cosmetic kits and values at the prices Q has at Sephora or Ulta either.  Maybe a single item, but the packups are a great deal if you use what's in them.


That may be in some cases. But, for me, everything I considered was less expensive elsewhere.

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I totally agree.  And the prices on food, especially now with inflation, do they actually sell any of it?

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Please stop telling us similar items being presented are 3 digits elsewhere? That's seems to be their way of saying yes the price is up there but our price is better
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New members, seasoned old timers all have the right of opinion and expression.  Shouldn't expect high school ridicule.  Happy day.

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@Kweenme wrote:

New members, seasoned old timers all have the right of opinion and expression.  Shouldn't expect high school ridicule.  Happy day.

Agree!  If we all had the same opinions and liked the same things....that would be quite boring.

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I don't buy clothing from QVC anymore. Their prices are ridiculous.  LG lounging leggings for $70. Really?

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sick of the quality its been aful and higher prices china is an awful ditator  not buying anymore