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Clothing prices on QVC are ridiculously out of sight.  Kim Gravel, Susan Graver, Quacker Factory just to name a few.   Demin and Co used to be reasonably priced, but now those prices are right up there with the other designers.  $50 and up for a simple top?  Are you kidding me?  Plus shipping!  


No thanks!  I'll shop elsewhere.

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I totally agree! I get the same thing at macys for less than half the price.  I only buy clearance blowout, asis or lunchtime specials.

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Not even a week goes by where someone on here says they would pay more money for clothes made in the USA rather than China.  They'd be happy to.  


Yeah, right.


I don't believe them.  We all want a deal ... or at least to think we aren't being taken advantage of.  

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@No1Nana    You're addressing customers.  Did you think we hadn't noticed prices and you need to point them out?  If so, you wasted your time.


Happy shopping elsewhere.

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Welcome to the Forum @No1Nana .


Yes, frequent complaints about high prices here.  These prices are causing quite a few to shop elsewhere where prices are lower for comparable clothing.  







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When I see an item on Q that I want at a price I don't want to pay I bookmark it & check back to see if it's on sale, clearance, as is just like every other retailer I's that simple. 

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When you say you bookmark it, do you mean you click the heart on the item's page which puts it in your wish list?  

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I just looked at a catalog that has very similar clothing to QVC. Their prices were about $5- $10 more  for almost the same type of item. The only thing I don't like is that QVC is charging you $10 to try an item. For that reason I try to find other sites with free S&H when I can. I just purchased a CCB linen blend blouse for $40. I can go on about other clothing lines that QVC sells that have lasted my years. Everything is relative. Shop where you are comfortable with the prices. I will have to say everything is expensive right now.

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@Another new name Sue I don't use the Q wish list...I use the Bookmark list on my tablet, it has a bell next to the items I bookmark that notifies me when the price drops.

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I think QVC, like most retailers, has items at different price points.