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Can you ADD a search Filter of POCKETS on ALL Apparel? Everyone has a cell phone and needs a place to put it. I Only want Apparel with pockets. This would include; pants, tops, vests, sweaters, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, cardigans, toppers, pajamas, and robes. Thankyou.

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Good idea!  I HATE pockets.  I don't carry my phone around with me unless I'm going outside ... and then I have my outerwear or handbag.


I don't want pockets in anything except outerwear!  I sew all pockets closed and remove the lining.  

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@good customer 


Here's some info to consider regarding cellphones in your pocket. 



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Great idea!  Especially for pants.  I do not put my cell phone in pockets but tissues, keys, receipts etc.  Pockets in garments are an absolute necessity if I'm traveling.  Pockets are a big selling point for me.


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I agree. I hate pockets. They add bulk or "lumpy" looks when you have a soft shirt on top of jeans or pants with back pockets. I would love knowing which items were pocket-free. Pockets are a waste to me. 

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I LOVE pockets!




hate carrying a purse, so it's pockets all the way for me.

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Re: Pockets on apparel

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I would love to have a "pockets" filter! I absolutely hate pockets on shirts (especially breast pockets—not sure why any women's shirts have them) but really need pockets in most of my pants. Thumbs way up for this suggestion.


ETA: I was very surprised once when I ordered a top after watching a full presentation only to open the bag and find some weird slide slit pockets that were never mentioned on air or online. Making sure every item has a detailed description, especially here on the website where there's plenty of space for that, would be helpful as well!

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@ALRATIBA @Santorini I totally Agree! I hate pockets too! I have hips and don't need pockets bringing attention to them. 


So many times I really like a LOGO top or dress except it has these huge pockets plastered on the front, accentuating the part that I want to draw attention AWAY from. And who would put a cell phone there anyway? (even a tissue would look bulky).


Just today I was looking at the AnyBody joggers and so wishing they made them without pockets and without the drawstring.

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If placed properly pockets can and should be very useful.  I want pockets so I don't carry my purse into stores.But I found that so many pockets are either too shallow to be useful or placed wrong on the garment.  Designers should be able to figure this out.  MAKE POCKETS USEFUL. Thanks.

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I want pockets, but not double pockets. If I have pockets in my pants, I don't also want pockets in my top.  That becomes too bulky and walking around with hands in pockets destroys the look of a garment. So, if it was my choice, they'd cease with pockets in good. However, we all have our preferences so I don't expect that my preference makes any difference.