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Please show the soles of shoes online & on TV!

I've noticed recently that very few new shoe offerings on QVC online include pictures of the soles of the shoes as they did in the past. Very few hosts or vendors turn the shoe over for the camera, either.   For me, seeing the sole is an important factor in whether or not I will purchase the shoe.  I wear a basic size 8M, but I have  moderate bunions.  I don't require orthotics and my foot is not wide, but I do need an ample toebox.  Showing the sole of the shoe gives me the best chance to gauge whether it will fit me or not.  It also gives more information on how textured the sole is and whether it will grip well or be slippery.  I've passed on purchasing a few really cute shoes recently because I just couldn't figure out if they would squeeze my toes and I didn't want to pay shipping both ways to find out.  Thanks for considering this request! 

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Re: Please show the soles of shoes online & on TV!

@JenniW, I completely agree.  I have made the same observation and comments!