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Please enforce corporate dress code

Periodically we hear a host reference QVC employee standards for workplace attire.  Once the reference was to pant length, another bare shoulders, i seem to remember mention of distressed (ripped and tattered) jeans, open sandals.  When we watch the hosts in HD across 60 inch screens, the very factors that make a particular choice of attire inappropriate for the workplace flood our private spaces.  


Please ask hosts to respect our space and sensibilities.  Many of us still attend mass, synagogue or temple.  Some women still wear their hair covered in mantilla or silk scarf our of reverence for the "house"'s owner. For some, dictates of modesty extend out of the church into the community.  We cover our bodies out of respect for the place and its occupants. While rare to see a nun in full habit these days you will never see undue exposure even with today's relaxed, modern, mode of dress.


Instructors in parochial and preparatory schools teach our daughters to follow the same dictates of decency. Public schools in many districts have adopted uniforms as the standard. Parents then are seen as hypocrites as they allow into their homes broadcasts, for hours, of demonstrations of household goods or apparel enacted by adult women in tube tops and short skirts.   


Before anyone decides to label this concern prudish, I think QVC's presentations of undergarments superb, tasteful, helpful, never tawdry or crass.  There's a supermodel who tastefully bares shoulders and arms to best exhibit the benefits of her products.  As in military active duty, it is the perception of impropriety that constitutes the infraction.  

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

@CoG  I'm confused. Are you suggesting that some hosts or vendors dress inappropriately? I've never once seen anyone on air that I thought was immodest. It's clear you've given this thought...I'm just missing your point.

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

I was not aware that QVC had a corporate dress code to 


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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

I also had no idea there was a corporate dress code.


Further, were one to be written, I can't imagine we'd all agree on what that code should include.


I find all the hosts dress appropriately given their particular assignment at the time, their builds, and even their own tastes.  I see no reason for any of them to change.


  We're watching a shopping channel here - not going to church, although I must say when I was 50 years younger than I am now I was really surprised to see the congregation of a large church in my neighborhood heading in for services in shorts, jeans, flipflops, etc.  --but they did cover their heads.  This was the 1960's before the depth of the hippie movement took over fashion.  ll the hosts would be overdressed were they somehow able to be walking into that church!

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

I wasn't aware there was a dress code either.  The hosts dress nice.  Sometimes they may wear a style I wouldn't, but there's nothing wrong with that.

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

WOW........20 years of watching........and I've never seen anything "improper".


As someone else mentioned, maybe not "my taste", but nothing to get censored.

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

What what????  Someone has been sipping too much wine with their Easter dinner.

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

I, too, was unaware that QVC had a "corporate dress code" for their hosts/hostesses. Seriously? They are dressed by company stylists for the most part and sometimes it's pretty obvious they aren't real happy about what they are given to wear for some presentations.  I've never seen anyone I considered inappropriately dressed. If you are offended, maybe you just shouldn't watch.


Maybe you need to concentrate more on what your church congregation wears and complain directly to the pastor?

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Re: Please enforce corporate dress code

I am so lost and confused I wish I had some wine then maybe I could understand what I read