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Please change the focus of product videos.

Please screen the product videos to assure complete, intelligent, informative presentation of the products.  More than enough information about the hosts' "love"s and lives is related in the initial airings, particularly of beauty products and fashion.  


I realize that we all have personal preferences but some of us would really like to see the product we're considering purchasing, inside and out, color and size, configuration.  Extraneous advice/guidance is not necessarily respected or welcomed, it just sounds preachy, especially the second and third time around.  Distracting mannerisms, voguing, posturing and eclectic attire add nothing to the style or quality or value of the individual items.


Perhaps the product video is the perfect forum for the designers and developers to, themselves, convey the information they think important to their customers.  Nearly all of the current vendors are literate and knowledgeable about their own products.  There is no need for inventory updates, they have no significance when the taped presentations are viewed.  Special pricing events have long since passed.  

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Re: Please change the focus of product videos.

Totally agree about the videos. Since live TV isn't edited, but the video is, PLEASE share the important parts: colors, sizes, uses of the item, etc. NOT the yak yak I often see on the videos before the relevant information is provided.