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Please bring us SPACER BRAS...i.e., spacer fabric cups (not a brand name, NEW TECHNOLOGY in fabric and wonderful!)

PLEASE, please, please ...

The spacer bras are wonderfully cool and comfortable, smooth (think tee shirt bra), thinner than padding and they are flexible. They hold their shape wash after wash. They are not hot padded bras. The technology allows them to breath. QVC could bring them to us at affordable prices. Once you try a spacer technology bra, you may never want another fabric.

Please discuss this with the bra manufacturers who are on QVC.

Search spacer bra technology

One search says -

'It’s T-shirt time again, and the quest for the perfect T-shirt bra is well underway for most women. The goal? To find the bra that will blend beautifully under clothes and give the appearance of having perfect breasts. The challenge? Finding that smooth padded cup that won’t make you hot and sweaty when the mercury soars over 30.

The solution? The spacer cup!

It sounds pretty futuristic, the spacer cup, and in a way it is. The term ‘spacer bra’ describes smooth T-shirt bras that are constructed from a dual layer foam fabric rather than a single layered dense padded cup. They feel light and airy, and best of all, they breathe.

Unlike most traditional T-shirt bras which are hot and trap moisture, spacer bras are so cool that you never really perspire in them. The fabric is almost like a honeycomb, and if you hold the cup up to a light, you can practically see right through it. Thankfully, the lightness does not equate to a loss in support. Many of the spacer cup bras that are on the market are stronger than their seamless, non-padded counterparts.'