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I love your pajama set but please, please, please make tops that are PRINTED.  Not the robes or cardigans.  The actual pajama tops, themselves.  Some of us older ladies have issues with gravity having set in and do not always want to wear the cardigans or wear an undergarment with the plain tops.  Prints help disguise this issue much better than plain fabrics.  Would be nice for traveling with others or times when there is company staying at your home.  I have added before but have seen no change. Please consider this.

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I totally agree with you!

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I totally agree!  I do love Carole Hochman's pajama sets but would rather have more prints on the tops and on the cardigans to camoflage my attributes!   Smiley Happy


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The idea of printed tops never occurred to me, but it makes total sense!  Thanks for putting this suggestion out there.

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This is a great suggestion. I would love printed tops also.

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I am always wishing for a drawstring on her pants, so I can adjust the fit the way I want!

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I can never do sets because I wear a smaller size bottom and a larger top. Woman Frustrated 

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May I add the request for lounging cardigans, long with pockets, sold separately. I wear them instead of robes, and you appear more dressed to answer the door or have guests. I have several that came in sets, but don't always want to buy the pjs.

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Another thing I would like to see is being about to get them a separate pieces.  I love her pj sets but I take a different size on top and on the bottom.

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I also wish they'd offer more separates, and more loungewear and robes.