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I'm wondering why designers don't offer petite tops? I've taken chances with certain tops,but often have to return them because they're too long. At the prices,I don't want to spend extra to have them altered.

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I agree  being a petite.......but if they would stop offering practically all new tops in "tunic" length i don't think this would be such an issue............there are so many requests for petite length tops now...........i never had issues before

the "tunic" came into popularity

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@Kitty3961 @kelsey17 


If one types it into the search box, you may get more choices than you thought.

I agree and my issue started with the introduction of “all tunics, all the time” a few years ago. 


It seems there here should be other options!

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There are plenty of petite tops out there, maybe not QVC but certainly other places. Old Navy, Banana Republic, Loft, Lord & Taylor (Michael Kors and Vince Camuto in particular).  Some things on Q are offered as petites but I guess it's mostly pants.

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Before I order any top, I check the legnth measurement -  most tunics are too long for my figure and cropped tops are too short for my body issues.  Seems to me I was lucky enough to figure that out more than 20 years ago.


Even now that I'm a decidedly different size than I was for years, I still don't tolerate the extremes.  Once in a while I might try something on in a local store just to experiment but I'm not ordering any even if the returning process would be free.  

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I bought SG years ago and it was practically all tunics which I figured out looked awful on me.  (I'm petite.)   I seldom buy clothing at QVC anymore.  Dept. store I like has a lot of petite tops and pants.  No alterations needed.  I shop mostly from their website.  Good sales, discounts and always free shipping.

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I am also a petite, and I do get most everything from other sources now.  I did take a chance on the beautiful Linea tunic top, with all the beautiful flowers.  Yes, it’s a tunic and long, but I bought the blue background with navy trim and will wear with navy slacks.  The sleeves are a perfect length.  As we know sleeve length can also be a problem for petites.  I figured the blue background would not “chop me up” with contrast colors.  The tunic is longer than I would normally buy, but I fell in love with all those beautiful flowers.


Linea has some petites, but not enough.  Sometime ago I took a chance on a skirt I fell in love with.  Not offered in petites.  It was a joke - almost dragging on the floor - and back it went.  Long ago I gave up on paying for expensive $$$ alterations.

I guess QVC doesn’t bother to tell designers they must offer clothing in petites.  Talk about losing business.


Sorry for my rant.



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At 5ft I will not order tunics. 

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I have written to several of the designers on their Facebook pages begging for Petite length tops and sweaters.  Gary Gobin actually wrote back and said he would pass my request on to the buying team.  From what I understand its up to the powers that be at the Q, not the designers themselves.  Dennis Basso wrote back to me also and said he would love to but it is up to the Q buying team.  I have found that any top longer than 25" does not look right so I check the garment measurements in the description and pass if its longer than that.  I refuse to pay for alterations when I can purchase elsewhere; usually Talbots on a sale!

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Check out Macys online - lots of petites including tops.  Chicos and J Jill carry a lot of petites too.  I love tunics but I have to buy petites.