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I wish more designers would make petite tops. I love Logo but I cannot wear any of the tops. They are all too long.
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Re: Petite clothing

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Most of QVC's clothing effort is for larger women.....and in all sizes as Q sizing is HUGE compared to other retail. I laugh when I see a top size XS with a chest of 40". WHAT????? Many viewers can't believe hosts who say.."I wear an XXS ..." These viewers don't wear Q XXS or XS items. They ain't like 'small ' sizes out in retail!!

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I, too, would love to see more Petite sizing from the Q.

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ITA! Most of the tops on QVC are way too long for us shorter people. I have returned many tops that I loved but that looked terrible on me because of the length and also the proportions. The facet that the length is provided is helpful but that alone does not address the fact that many of the tops are just not proportioned for petite height, especially if one is short-waisted.

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I too would like to see true petite sizes.  As onbe mentioned, most tops are way too fact I just returned 3 tops today because they were below my butt - not attractive for any size person.  But when it comes to big sizes......QVC is spot on......there is a major difference in 5X and XXS and I would like a discount for smaller sizing to.

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You are correct. With Q  sizing I order at least two sizes smaller than what they say. It seems every corporation has their own idea of sizing. It makes it very diffult to shop online.

I have also noticed that many retailers have very little summer stock this year. I purchased two tops from Q and while they are fairly well made they are very heavy weight fabric that you would roast in if you wore them outside in warm weather. What on earth is going on??