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Where are the "Petite Models?" Everything but.....

Petites are always left out or last.

Also, like when the vendors bring in new items they bring in Regular and Tall length and maybe the petites will come later.

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Re: Petite Models

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People who are tall are often left out also.  Don't need a Petite model if the clothes don't come in Petite. If the item is not offered in Petite its not going to look good on a Petite model. They don't want to show us that.  I am only 5' so the only clothing I buy anymore is usually pants when offered in Petite.  I like Kim G. and Isaacs tops but I am tired of sleeves being too long, the back of shirts totally over by rear, etc.  Tops need to be proportioned for Petites or they just don't fit as they should.  

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I see a petite model in almost every QVC fashion show I watch.  Perhaps you don't know which ones are petite?  I order petite sizes when available and don't need to see the clothes on a model.

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I stopped buying clothing on QVC years ago.  Unlike other companies, I find petite sizing not frequently offered.  So I take my business to places that offer clothing that fits my body.  I refuse to pay to have sleeves shortened and hemlines shortened.



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I agree petite tops or none at all..I can shop Macy's and get most everything in petite....It is bad enough that all tops are now TUNICS...and then they have to be down to my knees as well !!!!   Than you QVC for saving me a lot of money !!!

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The two petite models I have seen are 'bustier' and this pulls up the length of the top being sold (intentionally).  No petite models of average weight or proportions.

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QVC use top have a petite model with all showings but now all they have is  the heaier models.  And....what is with all these huge busted women...the clothes  look horrible  on thenm because they bust pulls them out of shape.  QVC stop catering to the Layne Bryant customers.....think of the regular size customers and does everyone have to be 5'9 inchehs....that also is  not the normal woman.