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Note to hosts:  please do not give one easy pay as the PRICE of an item.  A lot of hosts do this and it is tacky and confusing.  Please give the correct price!

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Never heard them do that.  They say you can get it home for the price of the EZ pay.

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I frequently hear them give a price of one easy payment and infer it's the total price.  I often wonder how many elderly, visually impaired people order thinking they're getting a bargain and never realize what has happened.

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my guess is is that they are TOLD by their producers to say that. i dont think it is necessarily what the hosts say off the top of their heads. it has been going on for years now.

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@Kachina624  are they still doing that? I haven´t watched in over fifteen years and always felt sorry for the elderly who thought that the Easy Pay was the full price. Didn´t know they were still doing that.


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I agree - :"get it home for $x.xx" is deceptive.  I've done a double-take more than once.

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Gets my hubby confused every now and then.

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It is not only tacky and confusing, it is decitful and purposeful. They know what they are doing.  Agree 100%.

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I've never heard them do that.  


The consumer also has an obligation to learn the full price they will pay.  

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Anyone that has issues not being able to know the full price of something when it is clearly shown on the screen has issues that won't be resolved by a host saying over and over what the full price is and would surely make the majority of those watching irritated by it!