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@qvcadditionI certainly never called my cable company about the sign in issue.  I just can't see how it's their problem.


As for the Q card -  Synchrony is not one of my favorite financial companies, but the real reason I've never had a Qcard is that I just never understood why it made sense for anyone except QVC itself!   I applaud you for getting rid of that card!


Right now I have a big  EZPay list, but it all goes automatically onto my credit card from which I take a cash reward.  For me, that's better than any extra EZPays.  I always pay that card off each month, so there's no interest involved and I don't need to pay cash to keep my spending disciplined.


I'm not threatening to leave QVC -  I like what I buy here, but as I said to Bewise on another thread -  I don't buy what I used to spend on here -  no jewelry or home decor for a very long time -  and since 95% or more of my spending is on auto-delivery, I don't even need to watch much. 


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I do not believe there are nefarious purposes at hand.  My rationale for 'hearting' the "this is deliberate" posts is that I believe the IT folks are, for whatever reason, deliberately re-designing the behind-the-scene workings of the site.  These snafus--and there are several--are repercussions of their, ahem, improvements.


I'm a believer of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Well, now it's broke real good and nobody's fixin' it.  Woman Frustrated

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I also pay in full every month, but the EP,s have to go on the  card.  I just checked all EP and switched them to full balance for this pay period.  I will do the same for the remainder of the EP in May and I am through.  Their system is screwed up and they want me to pay my installment of EP on a Q card that they always take out in installments.  They said to update the experation date.  The Q card has no experation date.  I hope the e mail they sent to the EP dept.  gets it straighten out because I am trying to pay.  I never make payments to where I have to pay interest.  Syncroney bank recorded the whole conversation on the three way call.  They SB could not understand why it took 10+ minutes to get a CS from QVC on the line. 


There is nothuing I need or want from QVC to make me go through what I went through this morning and the time wasted.  I'm done.

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@qvcaddition - I get it.  I certainly don't need more confusion and frustration in my life.  But I actually like having my QVC purchases on a credit card -  for me, it's a good way to remind myself that I already have purchased enough for a while.


Besides, I know that right now I'd prefer to spend those extra dollars on paint, carpeting and tile, obviously not anything I can buy here. 


Hope you get everything working to your satisfaction soon.