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berta wrote:

  Still can't find the hosts recipes! There has to be a better way! I give up.New website is not easy to figure out!


          @berta, Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you'll go to the very top of the screen and in the "Search QVC" bar enter the words "host recipes" you'll get access to some of them.    Here's the link to the search results:





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@SeaMaiden wrote:

THEY DO NOT CARE. That is the reason the website stays broken.



I don't understand why long-time posters (9+ months) haven't realized this. I believe the moderators care, as sometimes, like this time, they're in the same boat. But it's totally clear that as far as QVC corporate, no, they really don't care whether the QVC forums are functioning tip-top at the height of web functionality-dom; they just don't.


Stop shopping here.

Stop posting here.

Post a foot-stomp five times a day every day for a week.


Nothing will change until whoever actually works on the forum gets to it. And I wouldn't be at all surprised (in fact I'd almost bet on it) that the more obnoxious and abusive people get about it, the longer it will take to fix.

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@dooBdoo,   I'm neither amused by the glitch, nor the potential security risk.


It is the ongoing reaction to this inconvenience that has my attention. This is a frustrating situation affecting everyone here, not just the very few shaking their collective fist at QVC.


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I have Verizon and it happened to me this morning, also.


It would behoove QVC to fix the situation if so many are having an issue with it and asking for repair. Sales are down, not up. The competitors' websites function with efficiency and ease.



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@berta   I just checked, you should be able to type "Recipes" in the search bar and bring them up.

Hope this helps at least a little!

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@Susan-QVC Susan, I just want someone at the Q know that I tried to talk to someone there about this problem.

I asked for a supervisor after the young lady told me she had had no complaints and had no clue as she didn't shop at the Q.

She said sure and I thanked her and after eight minutes of music I gave up.

Could someone report to you if this is permanent or, if it is going to be fixed.

I am extremely concerned about security with my account.

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I have Verizon DSL.  It is not our isp.  

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@dooBdoo wrote:


          I simply do not believe this mess was created on purpose, or that there's nefarious intent.    I do think this website has been substandard for years and this problem highlights a couple of security problems I described on several other threads.    That, alone, is enough reason to take this seriously.    Demanding a fix is probably a fruitless approach, though, since we've learned that the technical problems can last for days...  weeks... months...  and being upset is a waste of our energy.   Even so,  I believe it helps to continue reporting and asking about it so the Q Social Team can follow up with all the threads/posts as illustrations of the embarrassingly glitchy website.    Based on their comments, they're on this merry-go-round of login redirection, too, and I doubt they think it's a joy ride.😉


I wouldn't rule out this being done intentionally. It's kind of hard to imagine a way it could have been done accidentally. Some websites are run on a "pay per click" basis where those managing the sites get a small cash bonus if their design results in more clicks than the older design. The log in redirect certainly brings them more clicks, so if those designing, managing the site are getting paid per click or page view they may have done this intentionally to generate more clicks.


Corporate offices typically care about page views and clicks. This redesign forces more page views and clicks so if you're the website designer it's a win for you. You're forcing people to click three, four, five times to do what they used to do in one. Ka-Ching! It's a pain in the wahoo for the site users, but if it makes corporate happy that they're getting more clicks and page views, then who cares about the site users?

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I am in California with Direct TV and frontier internet - I too have the  problem....typical of QVC anymore - pathetic is the word of the day!

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If you want read my post under customer care.  They have my account screwed up and demanding payment for my EP that they say was declined.  I had The bank on the phone with them this morning for over an hour telling them nothing wrong with my account and nothing was declined on their end.  So now there is an emil to the EP dept.  One was paid but not the other three installments and they are on the Q card.  When all EP are finished, I am canceling the Q card and no longer ordering on the Q.  In fact, going to add up EP and send the whole amount to them.  They are getting so bad.  Its not the cable company, its the Q.  They are hiring amatures.  The bank could not believe how long we waited for a three way on  hold and what is going on.