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Please offer us a set of two Philosophy Firming Body Emulsion or Lotion without a shower gel.  I use much more of the lotions during the winter months especially than shower gel.  You offer 2 shower gels, but not two lotions. 

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I would also like to suggest a better grip for your shower gel/body wash.  In the shower it makes it really difficult to hold on to the bottle...It fell on my foot when I could not hold on to it and really hurt.  It gets slippery with the water.  Thanks

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@WORKING GAL  Check with Philosophy dot com. That's where I buy my Amazing Grace Body Emulsion (2 containers of 32 oz. ea.) for a better price than QVC. Sign up for emails and you will receive their sales. 


ETA: And Philosophy ships quickly!

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Does the firming gel in the body wash wash off in the shower?