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Qvc bosses if you are encouraging please stop making the hosts  for example (Kerstin) do all the loud screaming and yelling and jumping all over the screen.
Saturday's morning show was a screaming match even the vendors representative joined in.  

Screaming, yelling and acting like they are on drugs.

What's that all about????  


Yes, I did turn it off........Not a selling feature for me.





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Totally agree.  They definitely need to be professional like in the old days of the hosts.

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Can't stand her.  Can't watch her. 

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A totally unwatchable show  And I only watched for less than 5 minutes. Soooo juvenile!

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Re: Out of Control

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I no longer watch and have even started skipping "recently on air" after looking at that D&C caftan for $80???  Ridiculous.  Too many other places to shop with more reasonable prices and equal, if not better, quality.


Sorry-- for those who bought, enjoy!



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This is exactly what I thought.  Too much screaming, too loud and rediculous.  I turned it off.

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I didn’t watch this show. She is not one of my favorites to watch. But she isn’t the only one. It is getting more and more ridiculous every day.


The hosts are legends in their own mind. They need to reel it in.

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I'm watching right now but it's on mute.  I can't deal with all the screeching and over the top selling.

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@Catastrophe I have to turn down the volume for that host you mentioned, off the rails today!

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She does seem a bit overexcited today.  I do like a fun show but wow!   What is she doing with her hair?   She looks like a hot mess.