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Open Stock On Temp-tations, Please.

I wrote this suggestion to Tara on the TT site when I tried in vain to purchase a single 8x8 inch square pan to no avail. The best I could do was to order from the Old World pattern and buy a 'Baking Bundle', which included a bowl as well as the desired square pan. I suppose I've reached 'nista' status as I have bought enough Temp-tations to last a lifetime. I really don't have room to keep buying sets every time I'd like to add one more pan, bowl, dish, etc.  Puhleeeeeze, Tara, bring us open stock on everyday basics like 8x8 inch pans so we don't have to break the bank and purchase additional items we don't need. Thanks for listening. P.S.  I LOVE my Temp-tations!!! : )

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Re: Open Stock On Temp-tations, Please.

Seems like a reasonable request!  I'm surprised TT doesn't sell individual pieces, just bundles.

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Re: Open Stock On Temp-tations, Please.

I agree! I've needed a 3qt baking dish for so long. I use this size more than the lasagne pan. I would prefer the square or oblong shape because that's the style that fits in my cabinet with other TT.

I also shop TT website and have found a hard to find item there. The only "snag" is that you may not find it in the color or pattern that is your #1 choice. Tara has been offering more deals on shipping and easy pay lately.  

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Re: Open Stock On Temp-tations, Please.

@Want2BCozythere is an 8x8 on the Temp-tations web site as of right now - #T48435.  No rack, no cover, just baker.  (I love my TT too!)

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