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Twice since yesterday, because I had to record the shows and couldnt watch until the next day, I mssed out on items.  There was no possibility of waitlisting either item, but Ive been let down badly in the past on waitlist anyway. 


If one order of the season sells out in one day, then the order wasnt large enough, especially when the brands were Denim & Co and LoGo.


im very frustrated because as a customer since 1989, I dont think anyone should have to watch 24/7 to see items of interest to us.  This sales tactic is unfair to anyone who travels, works out of the house etc etc.  Please reconsider this news sales approach. 

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Re: Only order for the season

@AJW That happens to me all of the time.  I DVR shows I think I might be interested in.


Sometimes the item has sold out by the time I get around to watching it.  Sure it frustrates me but ..... hey!  Free enterprise is the American way.


Haven't you ever heard, "You loose"?  Well, when it happens to me I figure, "I didn't really need it anyway" and move on.  There isn't much else you can do.


If you work or have a life you run the risk.  My theory is the one's they don't have a lot of something they sell in the middle of the night and/or times when not as many people are watching.

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Re: Only order for the season

I've been saying on these threads that I think the vendors bring in smaller quantities and when they present, in so many words, buy now or loose out.  Maybe that is why the hosts are trying to order while on air, they want to order before it sells out.  Just thinking.

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Re: Only order for the season

I mostly agree with what @Annabellethecat66 wrote!


It IS free enterprise!  A retailer's goal is to sell the item out.  They don't care if you get yours!  As long as someone buys it!  It is not a matter of being 'fair' to you or me.


This was discussed in length recently on another thread.


Having previous worked in retail for many years, there are dozens of reasons there might only be ONE order of the season/year.


Just how long do you think it takes to manufacture and ship an item from overseas?

The amount received is possibly all that could be manufactured during the garments 'selling season'.


It may be a test of the saleability of a particular item before it is reordered.


It could also be said as a tactic.  Many reasons.


I work all day and can't watch.  I can shop online to see what is 'new' first thing in the morning.


I think Annabelle nailed it...Oh well, I didn't need it or I can go buy it/something similar elsewhere.