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On-air graphics need tweaked, please

Please darken and sharpen up the TV graphics on each item.  Even with a

very large TV screen, they are a nuisance to try to read quickly.

Take a look at HSN's graphics, they're much better and easy to read at a

glance.  Q's are very frustrating and a nuisance.  Perhaps a clearer font

as well as darker black print on the white background?  It must be dark black on white; no other color combinations will do.  Thanks!

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Re: On-air graphics need tweaked, please

I second this thought...I struggle to read the graphics...and I would like the abiity to make the videos louder...some of them i can barely hear....I have my volume up as loud as it goes on my computer...

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Re: On-air graphics need tweaked, please

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I agree about the graphics,cannot read them at all.................and to make it worse the


host only tells what the easy pay is and not the whole price ,so I have to add up all the


easy pays to know the  real price of the item........



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Re: On-air graphics need tweaked, please

I agree.  The white does nothing to help reading the graphics.

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Re: On-air graphics need tweaked, please

I don't have a problem with the graphics but wouldn't it be nice if QVC could scroll the colors or the quantity somewhere on the screen instead of the host interrupting every munute of a presentation?


When selling clothes, those colors - red, gray, etc-- showing which sizes are about to sell out or whatever it's supposed to tell me is not helpful but I don't buy clothes so I don't really care.


I get QVC in hi-def and it looks great to me.   I have a Sony smart TV & DirecTV.    HSN is not in hi-def and it's hard to watch after watching everything else in hi-def.

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Re: On-air graphics need tweaked, please

A couple days ago, over in the BLOGs, QVC actually has an article about the onair graphic team.  They had interviewed Rob from the team.  I bet if you post something on that blog there is a good chance it might be read as I'm sure the writer would be checking for responses


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