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No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

I really dislike watching a presentation of something for several minutes & then they quickly mention this is on "Advanced Order" so reserve yours today!  That is so irritating. If I order an item I don't mind waiting a week or 2 for it to arrive but I certainly won't ever order something that won't be coming for an extended period of time. If they don't have it in stock when the presentation is on, then don't show it!  Simple concept.  :-)

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

The "Advanced Orders!"  DOES work for many of us - especially if many of us view the items "Online" instead of sitting in front of the TV for hours.  The "Advanced Order" provides us an opportunity to "Really Think About It"  as we see it in our Orders Section AND no money is spent until the item is sent to us.  


The artists who create these items have good ideas throughout the year AND  QVC provides us an opportunity to see the items now instead of during the busy holiday season.  It provides an opportunity to think about how we will use the item when the "decorating season" and holidays arrive.


And  many of us who have been around for a long time probably already have quite a few holiday items, but QVC provides the opportunity for us  to see things in a new way for what we might be doing for holiday decorating. And the decorating is not just for us personally - instead or also the decorating might bring some joy and happiness to family members and others who might have health or personal issues.  The decorating might help make others happy also.   And items that come later in the year provide a sense of happy anticipation for the item's arrival  AND for the holidays.  


My vote, obviously, is to keep the "Advanced Orders" option.


Thank you  (and Happy Holidays!)

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

I like Advanced Orders quite often and if I happen not to want to wait, I can shop elsewhere for something similar.



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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please



All of my holiday food orders are ADVANCED and I would not have ordered them if they shipped now.


First of all, it is too hot to mail chocolate, wine, etc., and secondly, I want to eat and share those items to celebrate the season.


Stores will never be able to predict how much of something they will sell, and so it is impossible to keep an exact inventory. Advanced orders can help replenish items so more shoppers can receive them.


Advance orders also help me manage the budget!



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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please



Then you might as well shut down the channel.



There's no product, no one wants to work, we are at the mercy of imports and those are all stuck at our ports waiting for customs.  Then from customs they need to get trucked to a central distribution center and there's no drivers that are willing to work.  It's a vicious cycle.  Is it getting better, no it's going to get worse and that's how they want it. 


So to be in business, you need advanced order and hope it gets delivered so you can send it out to the customers.


I've been in the supply chain a long time and this is the worse I have ever seen it.

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

I still don't understand what so many people don't understand. These are not normal times. These shows are planed months, and months in advance. Products are delayed. Walk into a store lately and still see empty shelves. Think any retailers like it that way? And if the entire world starts to get a handle on a pandemic there will still be a ripple effect.

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

It is irritating...I agree...but the delays are not just with QVC.


I have a sofa that I ordered in MARCH, from a well known Store here and they are hoping it comes in this month.


As long as QVC is honest, and makes it clear during a presentation that it is an Advanced order, I can deal with it.

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

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I guess you haven't heard about trying to buy a car in the past few months.  Even cars are on advance order because parts, especially microchips, aren't available right now.  This is happening to all retail, not just QVC.


Be careful what you ask for -- without the ability to shop for advance items, QVC would have to resort to presenting more battery light bulbs, Philosophy, sheet sets, and the other items they seem to have in abundance, over & over & over.  I, for one, do not want to see just 5 products repeated for an entire week. 

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

I don't mind advanced orders at all.  As long as they specify they are advanced.  I often order things from other companies with delayed shipment too.


It's when the items are listed as 'in stock' and you later receive a 'backorder' or 'advanced order' notice that irks me.

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Re: No More "Advanced Orders!" Please

Hello !  Without advanced orders they will have nothing to sell and we will be bored silly with all the repititious presentations.