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Re: No Christmas in July please

I don't care for Christmas in July either but a lot of people love it. I just don't watch if I don't want to see Christmas items and let others who do, enjoy it. 

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Re: No Christmas in July please

I totally agree, they have just overkilled Christmas in July this year. They even had a Christmas in July in June, way way too much. I feel like they are rushing the summer season and ruins it. Whatever happened to Christmas in July only on July 25th only, that is enough till maybe the fall.

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Re: No Christmas in July please

I cannot stand CIJ and never buy anything since most of it looks recycled from precious years. Prices are not good either. Enough already. Bring on the fall and harvest things! Much rather see those things since it's 102 here...fall is sooner than Christmas so can imagine the weather will cool off sooner and I want to buy something to remind me! 

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Re: No Christmas in July please

It's especially bad when Jennifer calls it "C. I. J."   UGH!!!!

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Re: No Christmas in July please

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I don't mind the Christmas shows starting in the summer as long as they are titled as Christmas/holiday programming and you can then choose whether to watch or not. 


What I don't like is when they are presenting summer-type things that have nothing at all to do with Christmas, and they have a fully decorated Christmas tree in full view in the background. 


It feels like they are rushing summer, and I like summer.  I'm not "done" with summer in July!  When they are offering summer clothing or anything not related to the holidays, I really don't want to see a Christmas tree on the set.


Retailers pushing Christmas for 6 straight months burns me out,  and by the time December gets here, I am sick of Christmas.


It's not because it is Christmas, I believe it would be the same if retailers pushed 4th of July merchandise every day starting in January.  By the time the 4th rolled around, it would be very tiresome.


I like the Christmas season, and 4 to 5 weeks of it makes it a special time of the year.  But seeing images of it for 6 months prior doesn't make it special to me, makes it reek of materialism and commercialism.




Let the bashing begin......


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Re: No Christmas in July please

@kaydee50 wrote:

@ValuSkr wrote:

I can understanrd newlyweds and young couples buying Christmas decor, but older folks?  It seems they'd already have everything they need, aside from replacements and new light strands. 

I agree.  And where is all this stuff stored?  I guess if you have grandchldren there may be some point to these shows but otherwise, I don't think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.



@kaydee50 I always thought if everything wasn't up by Thanksgiving there was no point too it.  You couldn't enjoy the lights and tree and go to things unless you had it all done by Thanksgiving.


Even now when we don't have family gatherings to go to and don't work, the tree has to be up by Thanksgiving and the lights out the week before at the latest.  


I think it is wonderful that so many have family functions and buy gifts and put up decorations and get excited looking forward to this special time.  


Some people feel that way about weird things like football. 

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Re: No Christmas in July please

I can never understand why people get so bothered by Christmas in July sales. It's only "rushing the season" or tiring if one lets the TV dictate their life.  Having Christmas shows in June or July is not turning the weather from hot to cold. It's not forcing people to wear sweaters rather than shorts and sandals. People are not being forced to put up Christmas trees and lights.  It's just selling merchandise. My guess is that there are many more days that QVC sells makeup, fashions, vacuums etc. than they show Christmas items. 

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Re: No Christmas in July please

I'm with you OP.  Every year we are subjected to this five week CIJ reign of terror on QVC.  I can't even stand the Christmas hard sell during the holiday season let alone in July.  All I want to do in the middle of summer is sit on my porch with a popsicle and enjoy the season.  I'd like it better if QVC just did it maybe two weeks in July.  Then it might be something to look forward to and a little respite from the heat and humidity.  I mean seriously, how many Bethlehem Lights, lanterns and goofy Santas do you need?


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Re: No Christmas in July please

I agreed! And why all day 24/7. You lose viewers.
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Re: No Christmas in July please

I enjoy CIJ even though our small home won't hold any more Christmas decor. Never have been a huge fan of Valerie's items, whatever the season, but her Christmas shows had some very nice things. Liked her mercury glass items especially. I wait all winter for the outdoor and gardening shows to begin in Feb, and I look forward to CIJ the same way.