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Am I the only one who has realized that, now with the new $3.00 or $5.00 shipping, you have to pay that full price for EVERY item in a single order? When ordering more than 2 items in a single order, it would be less expensive to do it the old way. I have never heard anyone say that there is no longer a shipping discount. Of course not. Do they think we won't notice?
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This was covered in the multiple e-mails sent out by QVC, the notices posted on the website, the shipping policy on the website, and multiple threads in the forums. Anyone unaware of the change has simply not been paying attention.

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Hello, Teresas and welcome. Smile

I didn't know QVC used to charge less shipping when you order multiple items. I used to see really high shipping prices before, like $10 shipping for a shirt.

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QVC did state multiple times that there will not be shipping discounts any longer with the new shipping cost.