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Re: Homemade style masks no longer allowed in medical offices

if I was asked to wash my face I would certainly have left !!!  That's crazy !  I'm not using hospital bathroom soap on my face especially if I have masscara on ,  No Way !   I never heard about this before and I have been to a few doctors lately also one of my Drs is at a huge teaching hospital and they only took my temperature and asked me to change out my mask fir there's which is fine .   Washing my face not happening ,  washing hands yes!

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Re: New Regulation in our Medical Office - Surgical Masks Only (UPDATE)

I wanted to correct this info🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


As I stated I cannot go inside, therefore, I was stating what spouse told me...learned my lesson😮


What I learned from a lady at the pool yesterday in conversation who actually goes to the same facility.


You do need to take temperature, use their mask 

BUT they have a cylinder of wipes & ask you to wipe the area the mask covers & your hands.


YOU do not have to wash your face, this is optional....


This sounds more reasonable, IMO.


(I can only imagine what else he gets wrong because he is not always feeling ok by the time he gets to the entrance.  I've noticed his "patience" is getting "short" & this is not like him☹️)




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Re: Homemade style masks no longer allowed in medical offices

@germanshepherdlove wrote:

The other thing about this medical center, most people shower, wear clean clothes before an appointment as well as putting on a clean facemask. I never leave the house without wearing a fresh, clean mask and as soon as I get home it goes into a tupperware bowl of detergent and hot water and scrubbed with gloved hands and then into a hot dryer.  So, I too think it's a bit excessive but I would comply if I had to.  Not re-washing my face though.  After placing their mask on how in the world would they know anyway? That's just incredibly lame for them to think their patients come in filthy.  



Absolutely not lame.  You assume what people do.

They have seen collegues and patients die painfully and quickly from this.