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Re: Need variety of morning host

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Leah has been with Q a long time, others haven't.  She probably has some seniority and has earned good hours. Or she's been successful during her hours and that's what Q likes.  I'll bet people would hate it if someone new started at their job and took the good hours away from them without having to work their way up.  I sure would.


JMO, I don't care who hosts a show.  I care that products interest me and details are given about them.

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Re: Need variety of morning host

I totally agree!!! Can only take her in very small doses!!! 

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Re: Need variety of morning host

I feel the same way about certain evening hosts. I liked the variety of hosts don’t like watching every evening to see the same woman doing late night and then boom right into the next day TSV. It gets irritating I find myself turning off the channel. Sometimes I think they should change the name from QVC to the name of the host. Not really interested in hearing the constant chatter endlessly night after night and getting more self inflated.