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Need directions for Tarte eyeshadows

I recently purchased a Tarte make up set which came with three different eye shadow palettes, cheek blush contouring palette and mascara. I was disappointed to find they did not include any suggestions for how to apply the various eyeshadow palettes. I found some Tarte tutorials on YouTube but they were not for the eyeshadow shades in the package I received. I’ve become a fan of Tarte’s concealer and Shape tape cloud coverage but was disappointed that the shadows did not come with diagrams or suggestions for application.
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Re: Need directions for Tarte eyeshadows

@VeteranQer You can always start with a basic 1) Choose any light shade & apply it all over the lid. 2) Add a medium matte/satin shade in the crease 

Then you can add some shimmer to the lid or just the inner lid, if you want.

Add a deeper shade to the outer corner for more depth. 


I don't know what set you got, but if you want to post it we can give you some ideas.


Tarte makes beautiful colors that are fairly easy to use. 


My favorite thing to do is to try some things that I wouldn't normally do right before I shower. Like a color that I may not reach for first on my lid or in the crease. I have done makeup for long enough that I know what works best for me, but sometimes I can surprise myself!





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Re: Need directions for Tarte eyeshadows

@VeteranQer  - You should post this in the beauty forum.  Maybe some of the posters there can offer suggestions.

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Re: Need directions for Tarte eyeshadows

If you go to YouTube and search for Tarte (whatever the name of the palette set), you’ll find videos to demonstrate them.