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Trying my best to be positive but please, someone tell her to stop exclaiming "GARY"!!  Usually my favorite show it was very hard to watch this week. The singey song voice, the constant  rubbing of the clothes and herself as well and the 10 second pauses in between the telling of each color. Surely others notice these things too. To coin a much used phrase by JT...." I can't...I just can't"!!!!! 

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Then dont watch !! If u dont care for her!! 

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I had to check "Meet Our Hosts" to see who Nancy was, never have I seen or heard about her before this post. I have a few hosts whom I can't tolerate and I turn off the TV when those come on. Life is way too short to spend doing anything that one cannot tolerate. I just check "recently on air" after the shows and get anything that catches my eye. If something I really wanted is no longer available, I just figure it wasn't meant for me. Hope you can find a suitable replacement for watching someone you don't care for.

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I don't find her to be particularly accomplished at this stage, but she is extremely new and can tweak and refine her skill set.


She is extremely effusive and overly dramatic,  frequently coming across  as desperate. 


Of course,  that could be what management is going for.

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She seems like the kind of host who will try to push the others out of the way to get ahead .. I am not a fan of hers 😊
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I have to agree that she's one of the few hosts I cannot tolerate. Too over dramatic 

and desperate.

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She always seems to be making a face like she's in pain.