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@Reever wrote:

QVC needs to offer more free shippings I agree. Sadly, many of my friends are now ordering off Amazon to get better deals. I fear in 10 years QVC as we know it may not exist. Perhaps it will be an ON DEMAND catalogue channel without hosts ? How sad would that be? In my opinion the hosts give the channel the warmth and coziness many older consumers desire. Thus we are willing to overspend a bit.



If you aren’t an “older consumer”, you don’t speak from personal experience. If you are, you speak for yourself.


This “older consumer” buys what she needs or wants for those reasons alone, cares utterly zip for shopping channel host personalities, and no one can talk me into feeling warm & cozy enough to pay half again more for an item than elsewhere, period. 


Older doesn’t mean stupid - in fact, it usually means a more savvy buyer who is less easily led. But maybe that’s just me, and others are happy to be duped in order to feel warm & cozy. To each their own.

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