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i like them together.  i think it works

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I rarely respond to  comments here but this topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  I have been a QVC shopper since 1990.  My sister and I just had a discussion about this issue last weekend.  I am of the opinion that under NO circumstances  is it necessary for 2 hosts to be involved in product presentations.  Since many product lines are represented by a vendor /"ambassador" , there are already 2 persons involved in providing descriptions and specs in many cases.  Even THAT can be overwhelming at times but some of these host pairings are so over the top that I have to mute the volume and read the captions if it is something I am really interested in knowing more about. Without making unkind remarks, I will simply say that there isn't a single pairing of hosts that I can even tolerate to watch together these days.  Some of those hosts are fine alone but together they create such a hot mess that I have to change my "background media presence" to historical documentaries on YouTube. (which I really enjoy, by the way).  I understand that is my prerogative to turn Q off, but I use to really enjoy watching the on air presentations.  Now, that is the exception rather than the rule.  And by the way, whose idea was it to start feeding them alcohol on the air ??? Being a medical professional, I will refrain from adding my 2 cents as to what might be a better option...

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Thank You1

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Thank You!

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@pupwhipped wrote:

I turned over to QVC to try and watch some of the IT Cosmetics program at 6:00. I didn't last long. JT was in rare form...she was on an absolute tear! If I had been Desiree Zorilli I would have been tempted to just walk off...even when she got to speak she was immediately interrupted. She must have been thinking why am I even here. QVC brings me back in studio to have to just stand here and listen to this mess?!!! Pitiful programming.

@pupwhipped   I won't watch Jane on any show.  I stopped watching Tuesdays because of her.   I am writing to the higher ups.  I have had enough.

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I turned on the It Cosmetics  show watched for abt 15 mins. and then I had to turn

it off.  I could not watch and felt bad for Desiree, looks like she wanted to leave.  Jane was on a roll and didn't let Desiree speak..   It's becoming more and more

difficult to watch Jane.  I really like watching Courntey, but not when she is teamed

up with Jane.  The It show was a mess!!

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I watched a total of 3 minutes of the IT tsv and JT started tearing up about some beauty award. Immediately changed the channel.

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"Instead of Multiple Hosts I would rather them have Multiple Models." 
One Petite Model, One Average Model and One Tall Model at least.


Petite Models rarely there.


This would make more sense to me than all the talking of personal conversations back and forth of the hosts and vendors.

I also, would rather hear what the "Vendor" has to say about the product than the host.  
There are a lot of the hosts that keep interrupting the vendors.


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They've moved to being a talk show instead of giving information on the actual products. I remember when they would do a preview of items coming up in each show, then taking a few minutes on each item, explaining the item, not who in their family would wear/use it. I'm not big on endless chatter and it's an immediate channel changer when it gets too noisy. I don't know those hosts and do not watch to know about what they or their family members are doing and certainly do not watch to hear two chatty hosts loudly talking over each other. Just too much.

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QVC will not change anything just because of complaints on these forums.  Please use the address provided by a poster and write to the corporate office.  Until they get repeated complaints through the proper channels nothing will change.


This is strictly my opinion.

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