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I’m loving watching Marybeth with Brooke Shields today. Keep her on more. Love seeing her with jeans on. As usual, a marvelous presentation. There’s the perfect mix of personality and humor with her presentations. I just love seeing her on air selling clothing.

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I totally agree!  It was so pleasant to watch as it was calm and no rushing and not stating every 2 minutes about ez pay going away at the end of the day.  They were very detailed about what was being presented.  A refreshing change.

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Love Mary Beth and Brooke Shields is a hoot.  I sat down for a minute with a cup of coffee and ended up watching the whole show.  I have never tried her clothing line and I did like some of the items. 

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Re: More Marybeth, Please

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What a wonderful program with Brooke Shields and Mary Beth Roe; what a treat.  This is the kind of light-hearted, yet professional manner in a program that is so appealing.  I have watched MBR from the time she started with QVC and it has been a wonderful journey through the years watching her wonderful and gracious interactions with vendor guests, celebrity guests, etc. She is a treasure!

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It takes a good host and guest to make a pleasant buying experience.
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I totally agree with you about MaryBeth.  She is a treasure, always so kind, respectful and easy to listen to.  She's not a hard sell like many of the hosts which are annoying. The Q should definitely be a MENTOR to all hosts-go back to the old school ways of the Golden Rule-"treat others as the way you would like to be treated". Mary Beth has a wealth of knowledge and she still strives to learn more every day, that's what makes her a GEM of a host...just a gracious lady and she remains true to her beliefs with religion being her primary guide-she has the LOVE of our LORD. 

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I'm sorry I missed this show, but I agree MaryBeth is such a pleasure to watch!  I think she must only work part-time these days, because I hardly ever see her on!