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Really disappointed to hear Meridith is leaving.

She is one of the few presenters that was easy to listen to;  no squealing, no screaming/shouting,  funny without acting ridiculous.

She is always professional, prepared and knowledgeable. 

She will be missed.

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If your on Facebook, follow her on Blue Jean Chef where she is doing cooking demonstrations, her recipes, and her personal blog.  Fun to watch there!  I wish her success as she begins her new adventure.

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Meredith has been on QVC  a long time. I imagine she may just want a change...perhaps she was offered something better...her Own show maybe say on the cooking channel?  She is very talented and comes across  the TV screen as a lovely person with a lot of charisma.

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I will truly miss Meredith. Hope what ever she adventures in will show her true talent in the food industry. Good luck Chris 


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I too will miss Meridith.  She never had an attitude. A lovely professional woman. Seems like all the good ones leave,