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One of my  favorite hosts. (also Leah)

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If shes the host...I am watching!!

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Sorry, but she makes me change the channel. 

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After watching her presentation today with vendor KG, I was  surprised to see her literally Yelling and talking faster than the cars in the Indy500. KG is loud to begin with (that's  Just how she is) but it was too mich.  I understand you have to show some enthusiasm for the product you are sellimg but enough is enough. And yes, all you channel changers, I did  just that.  I like MD and KG, but tone it down.  That;s enough ranting and I will continue to watch the Q, not  that they care.  I still think MD is a great host.

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@countrylady wrote:

Each vendor is her old friend.

@countrylady.  She is perhaps related to Dan Hughes.

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I like Mary, and so do the bosses at QVC.  I think she is the anointed one - she will replace David when he leaves in the years to come.  No one else ever got an "In the Kitchen with ..." franchise.  But she is old school - no wonder she is apparently treated like a senior host.

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She is kindhearted and very professional! I love her Heart

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I was lucky enough to meet her last week on a tour of the Q. She treated ME like an old friend. She was super warm and welcoming even in the few minutes spent with her. There is a good chance these vendors are close and this is sincere. I can especially see it with her. Lovely. simply Lovely.  

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Love her 😊