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Re: Manicures Mandatory for all hosts ????

IITA also, and in fact when I first started watching QVC ('95) all hosts and Vendors had their nails done. Of course that was then and I believe there have been many changes since. Some good some not so good.

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Re: Manicures Mandatory for all hosts ????

While I appreciate the opportunity to express my opinions on QVC, I believe that sometimes it can lead to contributors being too "picky" or critical. 


I fail to see how someone is labelled "unprofessional" b/c they don't have false polished nails, which is the only way to have perfectly even nails. 


Many viewers don't realize that the Hosts' job descriptions include much more than just their on-air presentations. So there are times when they just don’t have time to get a “fresh” mani before every show. How does that make them less qualified to do their jobs?  Does it look nice?  Yes. However, it is just a viewer "preference" which has no bearing on a Host's competence.  It's like saying it's "unprofessional" to not wear lipstick, eyeliner, or blush...or having short eyelashes.  It used to be considered "unprofessional" to not wear pantyhose, and now it's considered "unfashionable" to do so.  The only thing that changed was social perception...not the qualifications of anyone.


So "nycgirl31," do you think you are more effective or successful at your job just because you choose to spend your time and money on having regualr manicures?? 


I hope not, b/c I'd hate to think that as an Educator with a Master's Degree and 2 years of Post Graduate Studies, that my 8 years of University education at 4 institutions in 2 countries all hinges on the condition of my fingernails. 


If you are bothered by a the lack of "perfect" nails on a Host b/c of your own preferences and bias, then please state it as such.  Otherwise, I think it is unkind to call them "unprofessional" based on their fingernail growth and lack of an artificial and expensive manicure.  We don't all choose to "invest" our money in such superficial ways and should not be criticized for our financial choices. 


**As for those who criticize Chef's for having "dirty" finger nails, you need to understand that professional Chefs use their hands more than utensils so their hands are constantly handling foods which stain/color their nailbeds.  If you had seen me eating black Canadian Cherries the other day, you would have thought my fingers "unclean" as well, b/c they became "stained" by the Cherry juice/pits. 


This world is coming apart by the seams, but our biggest concerns are the fingernails of the Hosts on a shopping network...really??  I think it is a great privilege to have the freedom to express ourselves, and I enjoy doing just that, when something is on my mind.  However, I try to only spend my life force and time expressing something that make make a positive change that will help many people to spend their money on better made products, etc. or in this case, when I feel that someone/people are being unfairly labelled or denegrated.


nycgirl31, If fingernails and maincures are your deal breaker, than perhaps the other shopping networks will be less stressful for you to watch.  This is my suggestion for fixing a problem that bothered you enough to make you take the time to log-on and write about it to thousands of people.

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Re: Manicures Mandatory for all hosts ????

And that bright yellow polish was chipped.  Don't usually watch that host or notice those things but i agree it was so distracting - channel changed!