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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

I rarely use the Q's return label. 


Instead I return with FedEx (I have an account).  It can sometimes be cheaper and sometimes a bit more but the Q's warehouse always gets the return within a few days.  I can see the time of day it was received and who signed for it.

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

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I have been a QVC shopper for probably 30 years and I've never had as many problems with returns as I've had over the last several months.  I had the exact same thing happen to me.  I returned an item using the QVC return label and the item has completely disappeared.  I am not holding out hope that my return will ever be processed.  For that reason, I have decided that if I decide to return something to QVC, I will pay for the return postage on my own and I will use UPS so I can get a proper return tracking number and insurance coverage as well.  For that reason, I will only be ordering from QVC on a very limited basis from here on out.  By the way, the item that went missing was dropped off at the post office on June 1st.  It has completely disappeared.



@sueeich   Since it has been that long since you returned your order you should contact the Social Team by email at  They are very helpful.


You can track your oder at

I did that already and they were unable to track the item either.  I did make a copy of the label before I attached it to the package, but the tracking still says nothing.  I physically put the package in the package bin in the lobby of my post office - when you close the door it drops into the room behind it so somebody can't steal it.  The only thing I can think is that a post office employee stole it.  Interestingly enough, I logged onto my QVC account "order status" a couple of days ago in order to check the return status.  It actually came back with something to the effect that it had been "picked up by an agent" on July 17th.  I tried doing that again today and I got a message saying "Oops!  There's an error" and to try calling customer service.  So really not sure what's going on.



@sueeich   You say the QVC social team can't track the item either, but did you try to track it on the Pitney Bowes link I gave you?  QVC uses a third party to send and return items.  The third party website for tracking is:

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

I had the same exact experience and thought that it was just me.  Frustrating because there is nothing that you can do about it.  Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

I'm irritated because I was trying to order a couple pair of pants, but I could not access Paypal (which I always use).


I called customer service and talked to three different people who said they couldn't help me.


Forget the pants!

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

I too drop off at the post office and obtain a receipt.  With multiple returns, I put them in one bag provided all contents are going to one address..  3 weeks ago, (and still no credit from the Q), I shipped 5 items in one bag - it cost a little over $13.00, had I used the QVC label it would have cost $35.00.  

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

I'm not sure about your post office  but where I live, whether I use the Q label or pay myself, my post office gives me a receipt with a tracking number and the package automatically has $50 insurance.  Get a receipt.  USPS is cheaper to send back items than UPS!


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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

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So I made my first purchase of the paper towel holder on July 20th, received it Friday,

July 24th so far so good, well it was scarctched beyond belief and so had to wait for USPS on Monday to hand it off. Returned it MOnday July 27th, and I have been checking on the tracking as to where it is and the status but that stupid return label is so bizarre and it does not track like a regular tracking number usually does. So I have no info as of today (9 DAYS LATER) AND NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE AND NOW A RED BANNER ACROSS MY SCREEN SAYS OOPS!! SOMETHING WENT WRONG CALL CS. What the heck is this dumb process . . . I thought they would have stellar service but it is far from that. Amazon they are NOT!!!! I want my money back ASAP.


I've not found a better site than Amazon when it comes to returns. I bought a hard-cover book last week from Amazon as a keeper for my bookshelf. When I received it, the font was so small and so light, I couldn't read a thing. I sent a return request to Amazon, and got a reply immediately. They told me to wrap up the book and UPS will come tomorrow to pick it up with a return label, no charge. The next day the UPS driver came and picked it up, and within a few minutes I got an email from Amazon with my full refund. I swear, it was only a couple of minutes and it was a done deal. How does it get any better than that??

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Re: Made my first purchase and I REGRET IT

@libdem    QVC ''''''use to '''''  have 'stellar service'....Unfortunately, that ship has sailed.