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Links for Advertised Items

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On the landing page today, there are a few very cute Athleisure items.  When you click on the link it just takes you to a page of random items that fall under the category of Atleisure.  I couldn't find any of the items in the pictures.  Why can't you link the items in the picture to the items on the webpage?  I would easily have considered buying items from all three pictures in the ad, but I don't have time to spend trying to figure out where they are, who the designer is and find them on the website.  Most companies would want to sell the items.  Linking them directly would be extremely helpful.  


Thanks for listening! 


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Re: Links for Advertised Items

Agree!  I've seen items on the first page that looked interesting but could never find them.  QVC's loss and my wallet's gain!


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Re: Links for Advertised Items

This is a BIG pet peeve of mine with this website!  I gave up clicking on the pictures that always led me on a wild goose chase . . .

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Re: Links for Advertised Items

I agree. And if the antiquated technology of this website doesn't support direct links to individual items, at least set up the landing page so the items shown in the photo are listed first or have some kind of a "featured" label on them.

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Re: Links for Advertised Items

I don't understand why there has not been a direct link for the items shown....I would have bought a couple of things but don't want to have to keep searching for something. They make it too time-consuming. 

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Re: Links for Advertised Items

I find that very annoying too!  You would think when there is a direct link to an item on a page of several items it would take you to that item!