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As a viewer and customer trying to decide whether an item would work for me, I would appreciate seeing the item itself, not with layers under every model. Note: these tops usually come down on sides and are up in the middle . If pants are not perfect in crotch or a person is longer wasted, these items could be so ill fitting. Then buyer had to layer. I want to get an idea of product itself and I can't see on model with black on black. LOGO has some lovely styles but I often can't get past the "rediculous" combinations that are shown and then I am lost as a customer. Also noted the models in this morning show had various fits. Lori and one model had it tighter fitting on top and others not so much. No sizes were mentioned. Help the consumer see and visualize!!
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@Twins Mom  I totally agree.   I think it would be OK to layer on one of the several models if they have more than one, but not on most. We need to see how the garments themselvesbeing offered, not other garments over them - fit us.  Most of the time they are covered up by other layering pieces they are trying to sell.  It's not helpful to us who are trying to see the garment being featured.   My hips and thighs are my problem areas - I always strain to see how the item looks, how far down it comes, whether it's fitting the model snugly or not so I should go up a size, etc. (your Click measurements aren't always correct).   This thread starter is spot -on. We complain about this issue a lot in the LOGO forum.


Tangential to it, Lori neeed to stop pulling out other garments from the rack to wear with the item being featured for sale just as the camera is giving us a closeup of that item.  We need to see the item, not other items covering it up!


@Twins Mom  I like you already from your suggestion. Please join us in the LOGO forum today where we'll be discussing the show in real time as it airs (we've already given sneak peeks).  Go to the left of the screen and find My Favorite Brands - click on that and you'll see LOGO.  We are already discussing today's show.

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I sit and watch Logo shows for awhile and they throw so much merchandise at you, if I was ordering, I wouldn't know what to get.  It's not only what they're showing right now but then they'll refer back to something that was presented last hour or yesterday.  It's all very confusing.  I do like Lori's colors and she has some beautiful prints.  Is she saying everything goes with everything?

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