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I love Josie Maran's Milk. However, it is difficult to know when the bottle is almost empty. I think a clear, vertical marking going up the side of the bottle would help.
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Your title  - Josie Maran's Milk - does get ones attention!  LOL  We know - or think we know - what you are referring to; but for someone not a regular of QVC - Josie's Milk would be of interest to them.   (just having some fun with you and the title - no offense)

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I love her argan milk but hate the bottle it come in, I can never tell how much I have left in the bottle.

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@JackiS I have the same experience. It's a lovely product and I have no idea how much is left. I think the bottle may be necessary to protect the integrity of the mixture.

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Yep, @JackiS, you may want to rethink your post title.   lol