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Is this your customer favorites? Not mine

Besides the fact that every Kitchenaid show has been cancelled. None of the Summer Cooking or Customer Favorites weekend has appealed to me. On the Summer Cooking they showed 1 or 2 KA items. I have checked the schedule or popped in but no sales from me. I remember the days when it was hard to choose what all to get from the Q. Now those days are only on HSN during scrapbooking and crafts days. QVC has too many scheduled shows now. I miss the variety and quality they had, not to mention good deals which are few and far between for me. Not too many appealing TSV's, most are high dollar or some are run almost every month. No hurry there to buy it. Some times HSN and QVC will have the same product on at the same time. So funny.

What do you think? BJR.

Maybe we all should get a real survey about what we want, etc.