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In regards to making Temptations Bakeware and Serve Set in Figural Floral 24 or 20 piece.

To whom it may concern;


I was wondering if you can forward My questions and Suggestions to Tara of Temptations. First and foremost I love Temptations Bakeware and Serve Set, Dinnerware Sets, and etc... I bought and collect them. I have the Blue Floral Lace Collection for Everyday use; the Red Floral Lace Collection for Valentines Day, 4th of July, and Christmas; the Spice Floral Collection for Fall or Autumn for Thanksgiving Entertating for Family and Friends; and I have the Temptations Floral & Fruit Figural Set for Summer, but the Temptations Floral Figural Set and Fruit Figural Set are not complete. I was wondering if Tara can make a 24-Piece or 20-Piece Floral Figural and Fruit Figural  Bakeware and Serve Set. Then My Floral Collection and Fruit Collection will be complete.


i think it would be wonderful, considering many individuals like me collect and treasure the Temptation Collections. Will you ask Tara if she can make a Floral and Fruit Figural Complete Bakeware and Serve Set of 24-Piece or 20-Piece? It will be perfect for Summer!


Warmest and sincerest regards,

Kay Katherine Galvan