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when showing before and after photos in make-up shows, could you also have it typed under the photo what shade the model is wearing in the after photo?  Sometimes nobody says what shade they are wearing and I find it's very important to know before I purchase it

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@Helen Bach, Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems to me the lighting in the “before” pictures seems different than the “after” pictures.  And, of course, no eye makeup the befores, versus a full face of makeup in the after, certainly makes the difference more extreme.  

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They play games and think we fall for it.  Same as with hair.....they  havemodels with abnormally gorgeous hair so anuything looks good.....just as with the make up games.

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Re: In make-up shows...

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It is the same thing with skincare. The before photos have the models smirking and scrunching their eyebrows. This accentuates their wrinkles. The after pictures have the models' faces completely relaxed. Their wrinkles, fine lines, etc., have disappeared.

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Lighting plays a big part; have you noticed how in the "after" pictures there's always a very bright light trained on their faces? that hides a lot of wrinkles, flaws, etc. that makeup can't do anything about.