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Re: If I Remember Correctly regarding Shipping

@DAD wrote:

I  signed up with ups my choice. It was $40.00 & they automatically upgrade orders to ups delivery. You get them earlier than usps. Only small items don't qualify. It works great for me. We don't have a home mailbox. We have to walk or drive to a central mail delivery for our subdivision. If you only want to do it once or twice I think it's $3.50 per upgrade.


I subscribe to UPS My Choice too, however it does NOT speed up shipping or stop,’transfer’ of packages to USPS!!  Many of my clothing items are transferred to USPS and some delivered by UPS.  It is hit or miss and not small items only.  I also do not have a personal mailbox in Las Vegas, but a bank of mailboxes a couple house down which serves about 10 homes in the vicinity.  There are several of these mailboxes on our street.

The one advantage is I can have certain packages held, re-directed to neighbor or put a delivery hold for a period of time.  I also can see and track all packages to be delivered and receive delivery notifications.  They claim delivery is a day earlier, but I do not find this to be the case unless item ships from California warehouse.  

When packages are transferred to USPS, I find there is a several day delay and a few times packages were completely lost.