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Idea for your Beauty sampler kits

For your beauty product sampler kits like this one


QVC Beauty Color Cosmetics 7-piece Discovery Kit - A284209




QVC Beauty 6-piece Discovery Kit - A276215


Please consider adding in a 10% off coupon or a free shipping code when you purchase one of the items in the kit. This would make it even more enticing to actually purchase the item from QVC instead of going elsewhere that offers it for cheaper or where you can actually use a coupon code on it.


Thanks for the consideration!

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Re: Idea for your Beauty sampler kits

Like Target does, they send a $3.00 coupon toward any health/beauty purchase with their $7.00 beauty box

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Re: Idea for your Beauty sampler kits

That's a great idea! I know other companies do that. I also ordered some samples from a website who let you order 4-6 samples for $10 and you got a $10 credit for your next order.