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Is anybody else disappointed in the changes to the Wednesday night ITKWD?  It was 

always my favorite, now the show seems chaotic, the set is cluttered and the products

are not displayed well.  This is certainly not a kitchen I would imagine! I miss the smaller set that actually looked like a real kitchen with the items easy to see.  Also, there does not seem to be chemistry between David and Julia. It is no longer something I look 

forward to watching.  Just my opinion....


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I liked David and Stacey together, I just stopped watching. The website is less annoying.

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Julia? Well now, read the posts from Johnnysbro.  Julia is A-okay.

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Lots of clutter stuff..........not simple clean and easy to view as in the past.


David has to run through a patio to get to another table display.  The set has been over-worked.  Agree

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I definitely agree that the setup and approach for the show is terrible. There's nothing "imaginative" (and certainly nothing useful) in changing the display of item variations to show them sitting in a drawer or in a rack or on a shelf instead of nicely showcased on a flat, open surface so we can see all the colors and details. It's not saving any time and it's not interesting—but it is detrimental to the presentation and makes me less likely to order because I don't have the information I need.


As far as the relationship with Julia, I honestly couldn't care any less. Admittedly, I am not a fan, but she is on air for a grand total of six to seven minutes in a two-hour show, so it's not like it's a big deal. If it makes David feel more comfortable to have someone to banter with and enjoy a little break from selling, that's fine by me.

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@maximillian wrote:

Julia? Well now, read the posts from Johnnysbro.  Julia is A-okay.

Ha!  Yeah, she is just love and light and such a joy to watch. Also she makes amazing cocktails so that's a plus in being a Q host.  LOL!

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When Stacey left I stopped watching ITKWD. But I still tape it and run through to see if there is something interesting. Haven't been impressed. Do not like the new approach one bit, set and all. And could do without the co- host. She's not my cup of tea. Her interaction with David seems forced not genuine??? Still crazy about Mr. Happy Dance though and watch him on Down Home, instead.

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This is sort of OT, but I watched a bit of the show this week (I have never seen it previously) and was curious to know if that glass cooktop is always that filthy.  It wasn't just messy from what was cooking, it was old cooked-on crud.  If so, they need to replace it and keep up with the cleaning in the future.  It was disgusting.

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