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I know this won't happen but here goes

Once in a blue moon these days, I actually turn to watch QVC.

I know others have complained about this before, but QVC would you please keep reviews on "clearance" items!

Yes, I know the reasoning is that it's a new item number so no reviews on this number. However the item itself is not new so it obviously had reviews.

Please leave them up because I would not buy if no reviews.

If it is a new item, I know we would just have to take our chances but no reviews on a clearance makes me wonder about the fit and quality.

If you want customers to trust QVC, then please don't try to hide or get rid of reviews.


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Re: I know this won't happen but here goes

@on the bayMakes sense for us as buyers, but if clearance here is at all like clearance brick and mortar, we have to be prepared that lots of what lasts into clearnace pobably won't have great reviews.


On the other hand, I don't trust lots of reviews any more than I trust used car salesmen on a remote car lot.  Just this morning I searched the website of a doctor I have an upcming appointment with. I've been seeing this doctor for about 3 years -  I like both his medicine and his demeanor, but for some reason I clicked on the reviews.  OMG!  Just 2 stars -  so I looked further.  Only 2 reviews and one complained about money (no details at all, so that's worthless to me) and the other didn't like the man's attitude. Wow! -  best attitude among the doctors I see and my visit this week will be doctor #6 in the last 2 months.


After today's visitl, I'm writing my own review for this man.  Maybe there's been a radical change in the many months since I was there; somehow I doubt it and I certainly hope not. I've lost my taste for lots of shoppping, but really, really don't want to search for a new doctor! .  

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Re: I know this won't happen but here goes

It's true that reviews are all so subjective that it's hard to use them as a reliable guide.  I agree too that when an item is on clearance it's often because it wasn't well-received and may have had a lot of bad reviews that QVC would be reluctant to include.

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Re: I know this won't happen but here goes

Thanks  for bringing this up..........


I'm still wondering why we can't read customer reviews re: WWC mermaid-style maxi dress TSV....


I planned to wait, read reviews, and pay the higher price.


I loved the overall style of that dress, but was unsure of the fit.

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