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Re: Huggable hangers for QVC

I can see why they don't use Huggable Hangers.   I bought some and don't like them at all.  It is so hard to hang clothes on them.  The clothes tend to bunch up as you're trying to hang them and the end of the hangers get stuck in the sleeves. They are OK to hang slippery short sleeve or tanks I guess but as for sweaters and tops they are sure a no go for me.


I offered mine to my neighbor and she didn't want them either.  Said she had bought similar ones at Home Goods and doesn't use them either.  I would like the slimness of these hangers without the felt but just made of plastic.  I have some like that I bought at Target, but they don't have them anymore. I am always looking for ways to gain more closet rod space.

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Re: Huggable hangers for QVC

I have a mixture of Walmart's huggable hangers and those plain plastic ones in many colors.  I don't care what my closet looks like, who sees it but me?  The huggables are used for "slippery" items that might fall off.  The plastics are used for items I want to just pull off  quickly from one side.