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How about some product information.....please?????? Maybe a info ticker....

I am continually amazed at how little information QVC provides about a product during its presentations. When it comes to electronics, toys, makeup/skincare, and even handbags it would be nice to hear information about the actual product. Not how it will make me feel, how it make my neighbors feel about me, how I will be sooo cool... etc. etc. I know ultimately the hosts are salespeople and many of us, including myself, buy on impulse and/or emotion. But sometimes, can you just tell me how big the purse is? Can you tell me the specs on the notebook? Can you tell me the recommended age on a toy? How many HDMI inputs on the TV? What is in the moisturizer? I know they do provide this information but sometimes I feel like QVC only gives this as an afterthought, and they don't repeat it enough. I swear I remember watching a presentation on a notebook during a show and waiting and waiting and waiting for them to provide the specs. During the whole approx. 10 minute presentation they only they gave them once!

Here is my suggestion: How about a ticker? You know, like they have on many news channels? That way you can provide valuable information on the bottom of the screen: specs, recommendations, sizes, etc. It can always be updated, and you will be giving your customer INFORMATION not HYPERBOLE.